About Us

How did Pureme(Fiwire Systems) come up with the idea?
In peak traffic hours during both morning and evening, the vehicular pollution from cars, buses and two Wheeler's are at the highest level because of long queues on all sides of the road. A few people who are concerned about their health to an extent, wrap handkerchiefs or cotton cloth around the face. But even that is not the solution to counter vehicular pollution and PM2.5. And the prolonged exposure can result in chronic respiratory diseases. There must be a pollution mask that can provide complete protection against PM2.5 and other dust particles.With an objective to provide a long lasting solution for the problem, we have come up with a reusable N95 Mask that can filter at least 95% of PM2.5 present in air.

What makes our product special?
It is washable and at the same time, provides complete protection against dangerous PM2.5 present in air. Another feature is the replace ability of the filters. Unlike some other masks where the filter is embedded, the filter gets choked after a certain usage. Hence the filters must be replaceable to ensure clean air is available for breathing all the time.